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Home delivery strongly encouraged during peak lunch & dinner hours to reduce the amount of people waiting inside the store. Thank you for your cooperation.
Doordash recomended for long distance orders,
local orders please use traditional delivery service.
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Today's Specials

  • Wednesday
  • 1 Large Pizza + 12 Wings

Delivery Special

- Large Cheese Pie
- 12 Garlic Knots
- 12 Wings
- 2 Liter Soda

Choice of soda: RC Cola, 7UP, Diet 7UP, Cherry 7UP, ginger ale. Coke or Pepsi products add $1.

$25.95 plus tax

traditional delivery service only | pickup price $29.95 + tax

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For over 50 years Joe's Pizza and Deli have served the Newburgh, Hudson Valley region fantastic pizza and Italian food. Located on the corner of 300 and Route 52, it lies in the heart of the Newburgh's commercial district. In a region where good pizza is a way of life, Joe's Pizza delivers some of the best.

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